Allergic rhinitis, Allergies and Acupuncture

The treatment of allergies is one of the most common reasons for consultation in acupuncture. We, the acupuncturists, are very familiar with this health problem, whether it is  seasonal rhinitis (in spring: tree pollen, and from June to October : hay fever, grass and ragweed). ) or persistent rhinitis (dust, dust mites, animals, etc.) Years after years, I find that preventive treatments about 4 weeks before the critical period can better target the cause, that is to say the allergen sensitive terrain due to immune imbalance. For more efficiency, I advise to start with weekly sessions 4 weeks before the usual period of symptoms. But if you currently suffer from a host of allergic symptoms, it will be enough to direct the therapy to get you out of the crisis. From the first year of treatment, the majority of patients will have better resistance to allergens  resulting in less need for antihistamines. resulting in less need for antihistamines. Many of my patients who consult for other health problems also report having less allergic reactions since acupuncture, another proof that it is beneficial to treat the person as a whole!

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