• Chinese and Japanese acupuncture method (ultra-fine needles and surface insertion )
  • Traditional techniques (needles, moxa, cupping, auriculotherapy)
  • Modern technology with therapeutic Low Leve Laser Therapy (Cold LASER, LLLT) ideal for a treatment without needles and for children.
  • Facial acupuncture to prevent aging and improve the appearance and health of your face
  • Personalized and confidential advice
  • Free consultation by phone or by appointment (15 minutes)
  • Seasonal Newsletter


Paiment by Debit, in cash or cheque. Receipt issued after each visit

Non-taxable rates established according to the recommendations of the OAQ.

Rates from April 1st 2024

Treatment type Duration Current Rates
1st consultation, assessment and treatment 75 minutes Regular & students : 105$
8 years and under : 80$
Cosmetic, Fertility or Complex : 130$
Follow-up treatment regular 60 minutes 85$
Follow-up treatment student (valid card) 60 minutes 80$
Follow-up treatment 8 years and under 30 minutes 65$

Follow-up “Complex treatment”(require more time with patient and/or more than two modalities, including facial express, multiple )

60 minutes

 75 minutes




LASER treatment

After evaluation at the first visit, the acupuncturist will judge whether your condition is compatible with this type of treatment.

20-30 minutes 75$
Pre & post transfers for IVF/ insimination 2 x 60 minutes

2 x 85$ on working days at my clinic.

220$ if other than working days (subject to availability) or at medical center.

Cancellation less than 24hrs

2 missed appointments & more without notice



Fully charged.

Cancellation Policy

Unless force majeure or flu-like symptoms, any appointment canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, and which could not be filled, will be charged the amount of $45. Your login on Gorendez-vous, the voicemail and/or the text message are available 24/7 for this purpose to inform me and free the place quickly and perhaps save you the costs. Email cancellations will not be accepted.