Depression or anxiety

Whether you are going through a difficult time or experiencing hormonal variations, treating your body to target your ill-being can potentiate your well-being.

Over the years, I noticed through my clinical practice that many things can create emotional or psychological issues. Deeply rooted depression or anxiety symptoms caused by an illness, a virus, hormonal imbalance or even dietary malabsorption are not uncommon. In these situations when psychological therapy can sometimes be less effective, acupuncture can move the needle.

You are seeing a psychologist, you are making progress, but you feel like you are resisting change, that you have plateaued, or even that the therapy can no longer help you? You can’t afford psychotherapy? Another solution is to directly target the body; it sometimes tends to accumulate emotional tensions.

To untangle emotional knots and thought patterns, soothe the “hamster” and increase your energy (in short, target anything that affects your state of mind), there is a passive way to change the biochemistry that works against you.

To help patients feel better and cope with stress more easily, I adapt my treatment to move the body towards its opposite, using the following tools.

  • Soothing points, to reduce anxiety and balance neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine (nourish the Yin and Blood) and to facilitate relaxation and sleep.
  • Energizing points (invigorate the Qi and Yang and circulate the Liver Qi) to increase energy and vitality, often lacking in cases of depressive syndromes.
  • Harmonization of the Psycho-visceral Entities, to release certain emotions that make you stagnate :
    • Hearth Shen: blurred consciousness, hyperemotionality, sadness and lack of discernment.
    • Po: troubles with mourning, forgiving and letting go, and low desire to live.
    • Hun: difficulty to project oneself into the future, frustration and resentment.
    • Yi: dark thoughts, rumination and worries.
    • Shen: fear and lack of courage and motivation.

Acupuncture sessions are always strictly confidential; rest assured that your confidences will only be used to guide my treatment, which is always focused on your well-being. Helping you regain energy and hope, or reconnect with your inner calm, is highly satisfying for me too!

Nancy Mongrain, Ac. 2022

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